“Are you stressed?”

I’m so very tired of this question. Dealing with an invisible illness feels like a giant version of the Twilight Zone sometimes. Doctors, nurses, therapists, they all hear my list of symptoms, see that I recently lost my mother, and that I was a soldier, and sum it all up to “oh, it’s all in her head.” No. It’s not. People, if you feel crazy, you’re probably not. Crazy people don’t feel crazy. GI problems are so downplayed, and unknown. You may have occasional diarrhea, constipation, or nausea and just get told “take some Pepto and try to reduce your stress levels.” THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Digestive problems all have a root cause, so don’t EVER let a doctor tell you that its all in your head. The fact of the matter is, they want to push meds. That’s it. So they will try to cover up your symptoms and get you out their door as quickly as possible. Don’t settle. This is your BODY we’re talking about, people! You only have one. And nobody on this earth knows your body better than you. Start listening to it and study up on it. Don’t just google stuff, because you’ll think some crazy stuff is going on. Try eating healthier. Cut out fats, cut out sugar, go Paleo, go Vegan, try SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Record your changes and the results in a journal. Take baby steps, fdo a little at a time. You’ll be surprised. Be well!


Listening to your body.

This morning, I was eating my usual carrot/butternut squash/cream of rice soup with honey, and I was inspired to post about how very important it is to listen to your body. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO QUESTION DOCTORS! The only one in this world who knows more about YOUR body than you do is the Lord Almighty. Please stop thinking that doctors know more than you, because they dont. Doctors hear your symptoms, and want to address them. However, your symptoms will NEVER go away if you don’t rip out the root cause of them! Treat your body well. EAT FOR PURPOSE! Get nutrients and benefits from the items going into your body and stop hindering it’s ability to heal itself. Be well, people.


Two Words: Slippery Elm

Seriously people, if you have GERD, nausea, heartburn, and any other type of gastro problems, try Slippery elm. My Naturopathic doc recommended drinking it in tea, and it is LITERALLY the only thing in the world that relieves my symptoms, almost IMMEDIATELY. The nausea and heartburn—> (a result of constantly chugging ginger tea) are unbearable sometimes. I just mix 1 teaspoon of slippery Elm powder with 1/8 cup of cold water, then add the mixture to 1 cup if hot water. Then I add whatever I want to it, usually honey and ginger, and drink it right down!!!! PLEASE try it if you are struggling. You can find it online, or at a health foods store.

Begin here.

Hello there people! My name is Taylor Schmitz, and I’m just an average person. Aside from the fact I have a little Gastrointestinal disorder called idiopathic  “gastroparesis” or “delayed gastric emptying.” What this means, is somewhere and for some reason, my stomach slowed to a halt during digestion. When I eat, my stomach doesn’t churn food to a pulp like “normal” tummies do. The reason I started this blog, is because for over 2 years I’ve been lost, going through the motions, begging for help and not really receiving any relief. Nothing seemed to work for me. In this blog, I’ll keep you updated with some key sources of information, some ideas you can try, recipes, and other stuff that has to do with GI problems. I’m not selling anything, I’m not a health care professional, just trying to pass along the information and tips I have gathered over thess past few years! There is ALWAYS hope, guys. Never give up. Have an awesome day and be well!